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Offering commercial and residential wiring installation

We provide a variety of network wiring services according to your commercial or residential needs, pre or post construction!


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Category Wiring
(Ethernet Cable)
Coaxial Cable
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Server installation/Organization

Category Wiring: We install ethernet wall drops with labeled wallplates that run to the patch panel of your server, which will also be fitted with a corresponding label. 

Coaxial Cable: If you have any devices such as your televisions, radio, or router that need to be connected with a coaxial cable, we will install the line/s and connect your devices for you. We also offer termination and replacement of any cable already installed as long as it is not owned and operated by an ISP. 

Server Installation/Organization: We offer a complete network setup from the ground floor. If you are a business or a resident in the construction process, or if your building/home is already constructed and you need ethernet set up for all of your devices, we can do it all. We offer server racks, switches, patch panels, patch cables, and wall drops as mentioned above to connect your server to all of your devices. In order for your devices to receive internet, you will still need to contact an ISP to supply your network with the internet.

Additional Services

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Patch Cables
(to your devices with or without conduit)
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Access Points
(Wifi extenders/boosters)

Patch Cables: These are Ethernet cables that run from your wall drop to your devices. We offer these cables with or without conduit. Patch cables can also refer to the lines that run between the patch panel and the network switch.

Wireless Access Points (WAP): These are signal boosters for WIFI spread throughout the building to maintain strong network coverage. We offer the access points themselves, as well as the corresponding ethernet lines to power each WAP as a part of our services.

IT/PC Troubleshooting: Have any other Computer or IT issues that are not listed under our services? We accept a multitude of jobs on a case-to-case basis. Scroll to the bottom and submit an inquiry. You might be surprised by our ability to complete many niche IT or computer troubleshooting issues.

Our Guarantee
  • Service

    • We tailor to the specific needs of our clients to get the most out of their network connections.​​​ We choose materials with reliable performance and durability providing peace of mind. Services we recommend are matched to your specific network needs to get the most out of your money spent.​

  • Workmanship

    • We take pride in completing jobs promptly and effectively. Our services are clean and organized while ensuring job site safety requirements are met.

  • Customer Service

    • We like to work with you! We offer flexible availability and strive to have a professional relationship with our clients.



Ether-Networking is an Internet Wiring Company based in Midland that offers Category, Coaxial, and server networking services. We are two like-minded and determined individuals, both sharing a vision for success. We believe in using quality materials and take pride in our work. We stand out in our industry with the value and effort we put into our customer satisfaction. "We are not in the business of just working for you, we strive to work with you". 

What we are:
We are Ether-Networking and our job is to set up and/or modify an existing network to the specific needs of our clients. Our services range from running individual ethernet lines to server rack installation for any business or home. Our additional services encompass a variety of needs including Wireless Access Points and various IT/PC support on a case-to-case basis.

What we are not:
Ether-Networking is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you do not already have a secured internet connection, we recommend you contact a local ISP.


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